Growing a Garden in Your Apartment

Nov 10th, 2012 | By | Category: Organic Gardening Articles

When people think about getting that little house with the white picket fence and a big back yard, part of the reason they want it is because of the land. It’s hard to grow a garden if you’re living in an apartment! However, it’s definitely doable.

The first step in the process is to figure out where the garden is actually going to be. Do you have a patio? If so, you can think about containers that are a little larger and plants that can grow a little more. If you’re only using the windows, however, you’ll have to aim a lot smaller.

There’s no reason at all that your apartment garden has to be unattractive. For instance, instead of looking at just black or white containers, or those clay flowerpots, you can get really creative and add some flair to those containers. You can design them yourself and make them stand out for maximum visual appeal.

Since your space is going to be limited, you need to think about growing only the plants that you really want. Aim for growing high-quality produce, like veggies and herbs and some small fruits, and forget about planting a wide variety of items. You’ll not only save space but you’ll also be able to focus more on what you’re growing.

Now, in order to find out how much sun your plants need, you are going to have to search each variety specifically. It would simply take up too much room here to run down the entire list. With that being said, it’s important that you mix and match. You can have containers on the different windows and in different locations. You can rotate containers out as well in order to allow you to grow more.

As you begin to rotate containers and to mix and match your spots, you’ll find that some plants are going to do better in some places than others. With a little trial and error, you’ll be able to find a happy medium and will have no trouble rotating your plants around so that you can maximize the potential of each plant.

Plants that grow up instead of out are going to save you a lot of space; however, you still don’t want plants that are going to grow to be too tall. For instance, a tomato plant might be a bad idea. It’s simply going to be a little too tall. Figure out your space and how large the plants are going to be before you plant.

Aquatic gardens are attractive and convenient. However, they might require a little more work and may end up costing you a little more money. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with here. It might be a great addition to your apartment, so make sure you look at this option carefully before proceeding.

Just because you don’t have a big back yard doesn’t mean that you can’t have an attractive garden offering you a high yield. Just use these tips and apply them as directed and you should have no trouble at all growing a beautiful apartment garden.

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